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WiemanBid2Buy/HiBid Online Bidding Guide
To access our WiemanBid2Buy auctions go to https://wiemanbid2buy.hibid.com/auctions/ or click on the WiemanBid2Buy button for the corresponding auction available on this website, the button will look like this:

On the WiemanBid2Buy auctions page there will be a “Login/New Bidder” box – or if you are already logged in it will display your name instead. To create a new account for bidding click this and then the "New Bidder? Click Here" button:

You will then be prompted to enter in your email address – enter in an email address you have access to. This will be the email you use to recover your account in case you forget your login information.

Now you will be prompted to enter in some more information about yourself along with a username and password (which you will use to log in to your account). Fill out all the required fields. Company, Phone 2, and Fax are not required.

After successfully creating an account you will now be able to register for any of our currently available online auctions. Please note that creating an account does not automatically allow you to bid. To bid in an auction register by clicking the “Register to Bid” button on the auction you wish to participate in.

This will prompt you the terms of the sale which will contain information such as buyer’s premiums, sales tax rate, shipping policies, etc. Please read over this before bidding. After agreeing to the terms and successfully registering you can now go into the catalog by clicking “View Catalog” and bid on individual lots.

Inside the catalog the lots will be displayed in sale order, meaning the lots will start closing in that order at the start of the sale. You can bid on any lots at any time bidding is available up until the lot closes. Click the bid button on the lot to place your bid – this will prompt a confirmation screen that allows you to confirm or raise the bid amount.

If the bid you placed exceeds the current max bid the box will be highlighted in green, if the bid was not greater than the current max bid the box will be highlighted in red – indicating that you are not winning the lot.

Bidding Tips

1) Allow yourself plenty of time to execute a bid. This will ensure that you have time to restart your browser or log back in - in case your session or browser crashes.

2) Trying to snipe an item at the last second does not work. Bids placed on lots with under a minute left will be extended another minute allowing other bidders a chance to bid.

3) You can watch items that you are not ready to bid on to see when they are about to close,

4) If you are unable to bid on the sale you day you can place a max bid on lots. A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to bid on a lot. This will essentially bid for you as other bidders place new high bids on a lot. You will pay the high bid amount on your invoice - not the max bid.

5) Do your homework on lots you want to bid on. Images and descriptions may not always perfectly display and describe an item. Feel free to call with any questions about a lot or to set up a time to view the item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am signed into the website but am unable to bid on lots, what do I do?
A: This generally means you are not registered for that auction, leave the catalog by pressing “Current Auctions” at the top of the page to register for the auction you wish to.

Q: I tried to recover my password but never received an email.
A: Try checking your junk mail or spam folder for the recovery email. If you do not have access to the email of your account, you will need to contact HiBid or create a new account.

Q: How do I know if I won a lot?
A: If the lot is green when it expires you had the highest bid – which means it was won by you and will be on your invoice as well.

Q: When will I receive my invoice?
A: We generally will have all the invoices sent out within a couple hours of the last lot closing.

Q: How can I pay an invoice?
A: You can pay with a check, cash or card when you pick up the item – or we can set up wire transfers if needed. We currently charge a 3% fee on card transactions.

Q: Is there shipping available?
A: Our shipping policy will be listed in the sale terms and that is what will be followed unless there are prior arrangements made with one of our auctioneers.

Q: I want to bid on the sale but do not want to bid online, is this possible?
A: Yes, we often take bids on the site of the sale or can place them for you ahead of time. We do however encourage users to try online bidding.